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Have you had to reduce your wedding?

Are you planning a small ceremony and a party later?

Are you planning a small wedding from the start?

We are now offering small packages with special low rates so that you can still enjoy the special beauty and human customization that comes with a live musician. While one or two musicians might not be enough at a wedding with a large guest count, they are perfect for smaller settings. 

Our musicians have taken great care in adapting much of our extensive song list for these smaller ensembles. You can take advantage of these special package offers if

 You have a guest count of 20 or less.

Solo Violinist

A single violinist has a special, sweet sound that adds a special touch of elegance to your ceremony. Did you know that live musicians actually react to what is happening around them? There is no need to time your walk down the aisle to a recording, for a live musician will tailor, in real time, the high points and endings of songs to coincide with exactly what is happening.

Classical Standards - Pop Hits

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Violin/Viola Duo

A duo provides a little more of the full ensemble sound that you hear in our primary string quartet and trio recordings. Because the low sound of the viola is added with the violin, you get the deeper bass line along with the melody line. This is especially nice if your preferences lean more toward pop music.

Classical Standards - Pop Hits

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Viola/Piano Duo

Have a piano at your venue? The combination of a solo string instrument and piano has been favored by composers for centuries for its rich and powerful, yet sensual and sweet tone. 

Classical Standards - Pop Hits

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